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‘The beginning of all things start, in the impetus to describe your direction. Without letting it, change you. For the recalibration of ones will, being changed. Caused core drivers to have a holistic overhaul.’ Christopher David Naylor – posted on 12/3/16

“And some there be, which have no memorial; who are perished, as though they had never been, and are become as though they had never been born: and their children after them. But these were merciful men, who’s righteousness hath not been forgotten . . . their bodies, are buried in peace; but their name liveth forever more. The people will tell of their wisdom, and the congregation will shew forth their praise”
Ecclesiasticus XLIV – posted on the 13/3/16

“Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow”- Langston Hughes

‘If you were to ask me, what one word I’d use to describe who I am currently. I’d say a pacifist, to say peace or justice. Is simply too passive. I/we don’t have a choice to die or live, but the question. We need to be asking ourselves, which I ask myself frequently. Is how am I really living?’ Christopher David Naylor 14/3/16, 18:04.

‘Within mental health scope, and where an employee is going for a job interview.  Or when a manager is not sure how to treat their employee who has mental health challenges. I can’t empathise enough, the benefits for disclosing tactfully your challenges far out way  not disclosing it. e.g. if not disclosing, you run the risk of something occurring down the track which may trigger internal or external stigma.  Or feelings of discrimination. Which in turn, unnecessarily isolates both parties from one another. It’s a deeply personal journey, individual to each person.’ Christopher David Naylor (significantly paraphrased from NZ Mental Health Foundation library resource)16/316, 13:54.


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  1. CW

    It really is an issue for most people if they put their jobs at risk, though. Employers are not always sympathetic and they don’t always even keep the law. So I’m not sure why you say that it shouldn’t be an issue for many people in reality.

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      Chris Naylor

      Hi Cathy, I agree with both of your points here. So if the employer is not able to be negotiated b6 a persons advocate, then sadly they’ll need to be encouraged to persevere until a supportive employer is found. I think I said ‘it shouldn’t be an issue for many people in reality’. Was meant to encourage an atmosphere of perseverance. As when employers are less than sympathetic, wouldn’t you agree this would possibly create stigma. For some people who’s coping mechanisms aren’t strong. so perhaps I didn’t word that specific part of the blog well, but nice it generated dialogue.

  2. Penny Knapp

    I wonder about being open and honest with an employer……..would you want to know at the interview if the boss can handle the mental illness part?
    Just wondering. I know many people today are not capable of handling mental illness employees let alone a person in general with mental illness. It needs to change. I hope it changes soon
    Again, Chris well weitten.

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      Chris Naylor

      Thanks for the kind feedback Penny. As for employment, well the more people take the risks to disclose their issues. Opens or can I say creates the opportunity to de-stigmatise, or even de-mystify an issue. Which clearly shouldn’t be an issue for many people, if anyone in reality.

  3. Dr Paul Wood

    I really like this approach. I think there’s so much benefit in living an open and transparent life without concern that people may discover things we have hidden. Acknowledging the personal journey for each person that you mention.

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