1. Proverb 31 Woman

    I see here a depiction of a life that has been surrendered . A life that have journeyed and reached the peak of joy that comes from the Father….. A life of great adventures ahead whilst so many were made before. A life of resilience and passion for the things of the Father and full of life and joy. Keep running hard now and beyond….

  2. Colette Somarsingh-Philip

    Hi Chris
    I agree with this comment, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle….’ in reference to living purposefully, successfully. I think that riding a bike is a great way to represent the passing of chronological time. As we move through time we meet people, places and events. The pedaling represents the effort and the determination we use to reach our destination. These qualities are needed as we pedal from moment to moment…consistency, patience, sacrifice and endurance.
    However, some people choose to live their lives in an imbalanced state…they stop pedaling and come of their bikes and become stagnant, cease to be relevant and are stuck in a sinful habit and eventually a lifestyle practice until they are transitioned to another realm.

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