Suicide Prevention

While it can be good for someone with a history of mental illness.  To receive treatment from either a Psychiatrist or a psychologist, especially if either have been referred by a person’s family doctor (GP).

However when suicide is concerned , at most it’s very difficult  for even them to asses a person. If they have premeditated plans, or suicidal ideation. Unless in rare cases they have disclosed how they are feeling, and their thoughts. It’s near impossible, even if for example they had been inpatient admitted into hospital (intensive care ward), with 15 minute observations.

This situation would differ significantly if the person discussed or treated, was suffering from self harm. For example cutting arms/legs or burns, due to what I like to term historical emotional withdraw. In addition to unhelpful family dynamics, typically referring to abuse and trauma.

Some people find therapeutic interventions, such as massage or acupuncture particularly beneficial. Also for people who are willing to disclose their personal journey of struggle, there is increasing evidence. That this is a beneficial, to people’s recovery. See: https//,6067 (for a pdf version) or

‘Due to the spontaneous cellphone call from my flatmate, out of concern for where I was. The next day in the afternoon after work I find myself in the office of the CATT (Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team). A team of mental health nurses and one doctor which at the doctors assessment, they then admitted me to Ward 27 at Wellington Hospital on the 6/4/04 into a mental health ward.

After an anxious court hearing on my second week of hospital to put me under the section 76 of the mental health act, at this stage I was put under a community treatment order. Which was to be reviewed and meant that I was under a legal obligation to make my medication, and attend appointments with my community mental health nurse and doctor.  Which is where I stayed for a humbling and trailing x3 weeks, under the treatment of mental health nurses and one doctor. On the third week of hospital after x3 very trying weeks, I was discharged from Ward 27.

It’s never been helpful to wish what I could or could not do, for my friend back in 2004. Who sadly committed suicide, while in hospital care. In my own recovery, in the months after my own discharge. At times it felt as if I was walking over hot rocks, or through fire. Until perhaps the very end of 2007, when I discovered full recovery.’

Disclosure statement: I’m not providing a clinical advice service. If you need urgent support, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the following support/crisis organisations:


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  1. Glennis Haley

    Hi Chris thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I know your blog will definitely save lives. Well done brother! ???

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      Chris Naylor

      Hi Glennis, thanks. I sincerely hope so, a world without suicide and significant reduction in mental health. Including eliminating or reducing stigma, makes it a safer place for everyone.

  2. Penny Knapp

    Chris, very well written. I know nothing about a mental Illness healthy system and treatments. I feel it like im experiencing it myself. Great to write about your experience. Keep writing. Thank u for sharing your blog. Vital for men to read.

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