Conquering all evil (poem) x3

Conquering all evil

‘Bless the Lord my God for he brought me forward to live in this earth.

Thee who brought forth all different in person but uniquely in soul which is where we all lie separated on judgement day.

For everyday we must prepare ourselves for the first time when we may just be taken away to Christ or to just burn in your sin.

He has risen ‘Haleluya’, go tell the world. For the time has come where we divide ourselves from our fellow people who turn their backs totally away from this world.’

Chris Naylor – 1998

Vision on Change

‘But oh what if I stumble your love will endure, never stoppng at the gate.

Oh Lord I don’t want to fall away from you, you said the hardest was fate.

Then how deep and how long is the void to be challenged for the room that I have in my heart for you. Searching these days to find the ‘fragrance’ in the air, as you wipe away tears, oh your,ve been working on heavens door.\

For I’m sure he is working on your door, as he knows how many hairs there are on your head, not that I would bother trying to count them.’

Chris Naylor – 1998

Fading Compromise

‘So often we seem to despise what God has to offer us.

The only difference between the sheep and the goats is what they didn’t do.

But you can change all that in the way you live your life, wether you try to reflect Christ in your life or not.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not walk from him. For if you follow and reflect you may receive the red rose from the desert.

If you open your heart it’ll be filled in due time, and the sun will shine brightly.

Wake up oh you who are struck deaf, dumb and blind and you shall be found.’

Chris Naylor – 1998


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